Couple Updates

I got my website updated to contain me resume, and links to both here and my LinkedIn Profile. It's a start, but far from what all needs to go up there.

This blog has undergone a few changes, but it too still needs some fixes and rewrites coming off of Wordpress' tags/categories system to a tag only markdown based system (I am liking it much better so far).

SoulFront has been moving slowly, but I learned a great deal about Unreal Engine 4, particularly about the OnlineSubsystem class and its ability to conduct LAN session searches as well as have specific LAN sessions. This is very important becasue our game is focused on local multiplayer over WiFi and Bluetooth. The kicker now is getting things up and running in C++. It's been a little while since I have really used C++, but the books found from this great Stack Overflow list along with the available Unreal Engine 4 documentation should get things moving along. I have been very busy with general household chores lately, so that does no particularly help. First step is to get some basic networking going for a shared RTS experience. Once that platform is in place it will be easier to prototype. That first step, however, is quite tricky. I will make a point to update this blog regularly with progress and interesting things to note. The reason why I am leaning on UE4 instead of just sticking with our existing Unity project is because the features we need call for a professional Unity license with the ability to publish to Android and iOS. That's $4,500 for just one machine, and we currently have at least two, possibly three, who would need access to the engine. Then there is the 3D software to consider as well. Luckily all our assets from the time during scholl still exist and can be moved around as needed.

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