New Server, New Platform, New Start

I am now hosted on Digital Ocean, which means I have complete and total control for my server at $5/month. This is great because it saves me half my costs every year. It also gives me full control, as it is a VPS solution, instead of a shared one. I have the option to spin up test instances for $0.00744/hour (yes, that is 7/10ths of a cent) while developing applications, this is ideal for setting up a testing cloud for short time use, at low cost.

I am using a new platform for this blog called Ghost. The objective is to have just a blog, not an entire CMS. This also means that all my old posts will require a bit of retooling to make sure they are clean and pristine. As such there will be a small amount of time before this blog is really truly done with its past.

On a related note, I am also finally going to finish up my portfolio site and get it running. The entire process will be transparent as I keep a log here, and show my process on the site itself.

Now that things are a moving along, SoulFront will be seeing a new build sometime in the near future (fingers crossed). We are going back to the drawing board to really bring out the best of it. Unreal Engine 4 will be of great service since it is much more affordable for the features we need to make the game both look, and run, great on mobile. The SoulFront website may experience a few hiccups during the transition, but should make it over relatively unharmed (it is staying on WordPress). If the web demo usage really picks up I may even need to get a dedicated server for it.

That's it for now. There are a lot of exciting thing planned for this summer, and I hope to be able to get to all of them.


Robert Plante

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